What is the RSGB?

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the national membership organisation for amateur radio enthusiasts. The society was first founded in 1913 and incorporated in 1926. Their patron is HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT.

The Society is dedicated to the development of the science and practice of amateur radio. It works to increase awareness and understanding of amateur radio and to make the hobby accessible to everyone.

Getting Started

RadCom Basics is a digital supplement to RadCom for Members new to the hobby or who just want to refresh their knowledge of key areas at the core of amateur radio.

It is sent out as an email every two months to subscribers—there is no print version.

The RSGB has an extensive section dedicated to new beginners on their website describing the hobby of amateur radio in all it’s many facets.

Foundation & Intermediate Licence Holders Operating Club Stations

Message from the RSGB

A club station can only be operated by a club member with a full licence. Other UK licence holders (including Foundation & Intermediate) are permitted to operate the station under the supervision of a member who is a Full licence holder – supervision means being in the same room and able to stop any operation outside the licence conditions.

Non-licensed members can only send greetings messages under supervision of a member who is a Full licence holder (i.e. the Full licence holder at the controls, the non-licensed member on the mic only), unless they are on a recognised training course, in which case they can actually operate the radio under supervision of a member who is a Full licence holder. That can be over a prolonged period, not just a single contact to tick the box on the Foundation record.

In every case above, the Full licence conditions apply, so 400W is OK, where the licence allows it.

If a Foundation or Intermediate licence holder uses the club station  without supervision they mustuse their own callsign and limit their operation to their own licence conditions (i.e. 10 or 50W as appropriate).

To be absolutely clear, a club call does not allow Foundation or Intermediate licence holders to operate with the Full licence conditions unless they are supervised by a Full licensed member.

Please remind your club members.