Membership of MBARS currently costs £5 per year, payable after the AGM, usually held in March. If any person joins the Society part way through the year, the Committee shall have the power to adjust the dues paid, pro-rata. Existing members will pay the full amount regardless of when in the year they paid. Those under 18 years of age, have free membership of MBARS.

It is a requirement that members also join the Trimpell Centre Sports and Social club that provide the club facilities. Trimpell membership forms can be obtained from a holder on the right of the main bar. (The MBARS treasurer should have some forms available.) You will need two existing members to put their details on the form and a passport photograph of the applicant. (Trimpell may be able to take one for you).
Payment of £10 or £20 is then made upon receipt of your membership card (check at the bar 2 weeks after handing in the form). The £10 option is a discount card for drinks at the bar. The £20 option also allows you voting rights at Trimpell meetings. The choice is yours. Those under 18 years of age, need a parent or guardian to be a member of Trimpell.

An MBARS membership form will need to be completed BEFORE you pay any subs. This applies to new OR existing members. See the treasurer for the form.

MBARS Membership fees should be paid by direct bank transfer (ONLY when asked to by the treasurer after completing a membership form) to the MBARS bank account, using <your callsign>-subs as the reference. (E.G. G8TZJ-subs) (A SWL must use their first and family names instead of <your callsign>.) The bank details are sort code 08-92-99 account number 65698965 account name MORECAMBE BAY AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY.

A receipt will not be issued for the above payment, as you should be able to download proof of payment from your bank when you make the payment.

If you cannot pay by bank transfer, then payment can be made to the treasurer in cash when a receipt will be issued to show proof of payment.

We will not be accepting cheques for any payments.