Annual 2m Fox Hunt

This annual 2-hour event, takes place locally on the 2 metre band, usually on a Tuesday in June. At the conclusion of the event, the HIL-JON shield is presented to the winners, who then take on the role of the fox, the following year.

MBARS 2M DF Contest (Foxhunt) for the HILJON Trophy Rules

The annual MBARS Direction Finding contest is open to all fully paid-up members of Morecambe Bay Amateur Radio Society (MBARS). Guest teams are invited to participate, but the HILJON Trophy will be awarded to the highest placed team from the above Society.

The contest will be held on the first club-night in June, or in the case of inclement weather, the first available club-night.

Teams will consist of two club members. Passengers are invited but, again, the Trophy will be awarded to the two named members of the team.

The contest will start from the car park of the Trimpell club at 7pm and finish at 9pm. Each contestant must record their car starting mileage before the contest begins.

The search area will be in a 5-mile radius of the start point, but not any point south of the River Lune.

Northern Fox Hunt Region
Southern Fox Hunt Region

The fox must be stationary on public land i.e. roads, public footpaths or public land and must not be in a built-up area. They must also make sure that there is sufficient parking space for contestants cars in the location they choose.

The frequency of 145.375 is recommended for the contest, or if this is in use, the next available frequency to this. The fox must not change power unless requested by a contestant. The fox should then let all contestants know of any change.

A test transmission will be given before the start from the fox, for the purpose of setting clocks, watches etc. and also to make sure that all the contestants can receive their transmissions.

At the start of the hunt the fox will transmit for 1 minute and then the frequency will remain quiet for 4 minutes after which the fox will transmit for a further 1 minute. This pattern continues until the end of the contest.

During the quiet period each team can request an extra transmission. This will last for 30 seconds.

NOTE: Only one extra transmission per team is allowed during each period of quiet.

Once the fox has been found they will take down the callsigns of the team members. The contestants should then proceed to the finish (Trimpell Club) by the shortest route. The contest continues until all remaining contestants have found the fox, or two hours has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

Contestants are requested not to draw attention to the position of the fox so as to make the hunt fair for all concerned.

On returning to Trimpell, each team will note down the final mileage. The winning team will be the one which has found the fox in the shortest distance (including the return trip to Trimpell).

The results will be given out at the Trimpell club on the night and the HILJON Trophy will be engraved with the names and callsigns of the winning team who will jointly hold the trophy for 12 months.

As an added bonus to holding the trophy, the winning team will have the pleasure of being the foxes for the next year’s DF hunt.

Contestants are requested to drive with care, not exceed the speed limits, (it is not a road race), and not to cause obstruction on any roads by parking in the wrong place or when taking bearings.