Fascinating world of radio ‘hams’

Above is a newspaper article about Bill Delamere, G3PER, who in 1973 was the founder of the revived MBARS, 20 years after if first started. Bill was the MBARS chairman for many years, then later became our first President.

History of Morecambe Bay Amateur Radio Society

Firstly I would like to state that this is not the definitive MBARS history. If anyone has more information/photographs that they feel they can contribute, we would be more than happy to update these pages with your extra information.

1953: In 1953 a group of local radio amateurs got together to form the “Lancaster and District Amateur Radio Society “, meeting on the first Wednesday of every month at the George Hotel, Torrisholme. Over time other venues were used: the Liberal Club, Balmoral Road, Morecambe; the garage of Bernard Parker (G3KOQ), 125 Regent Road, Morecambe; the Army Cadet HQ Hut, Out Moss Lane Morecambe circa 1958.

1960: In 1960 the name was changed to “Morecambe Bay Amateur Radio Society” (MBARS).

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Front Row:
1. John Howson?
2. John Howson?
3. Bernard Parker G3KOQ
4. Alfie Ward? G3GPH
5. Unknown
6. Mr Sampson?
7. Ralph Duckworth.
Back Row :
1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Phil Hooper G3KSP – achieved 60 years RSGB membership in July 2012 – RADCOM
4. Arnold Thompson G2FCL
5. Unknown.

If you can name any of the missing people we would be happy to add the correct names and callsigns.

At a meeting on the 20th of June 1972, “Morecambe Bay Amateur Radio Society” was wound up due to falling membership, and the groups funds were donated to, “The Queen Victoria Hospital Patients Amenity Fund”.

1983: Following a successful coach trip to a Radio Rally organised by Hughie Park (G4UME), on the 13th January 1983, Bill Delamere, (G3PER) gave an “On-Air” invitation via the 2 Metre Band, to an open meeting for anyone interested in re-starting an amateur radio club or society in the area. An inaugural meeting was held on the premises of the Luneside Engineering Co. Ltd., Halton-on-Lune. 50 people attended this meeting and of these 35 tendered subscriptions of £3 at that time. The Society so formed, was Morecambe Bay A.R.S.

1986: Following an unfortunate accident to one of the society’s members, on the premises of Lunesdale Engineering, Halton, new premises had to be found. A meeting was held on the 7th of July to discuss this matter. On July 14th, a second meeting was held, at the University of Lancaster, one of two proposed alternative venues, to discuss the matter further. On July 29th a final meeting was held at Trimpell Sports & Social Club, the second of the proposed alternative venues. Opinion was almost equally divided between the University and Trimpell Club as to future venues; the Society in effect divided at this point and a new Lancaster radio society came into being at the University, with no further connection with Morecambe Bay A.R.S, although a small number retained membership of both groups.
On September 16th 1986, the inaugural meeting of the re-formed Morecambe Bay Amateur Radio Society was held on the premises of the Trimpell Sports and Social Club, where it remains to this present day.
The Lancaster and Morecambe groups successfully ran alongside each other for many years, until the eventual closure of the Lancaster Group.

1988: June of this year saw the first ever presentation of the HILJON Fox Hunt Trophy to Hughie Park (G4UME) and Len Williams (G4UUX). The trophy was kindly donated to the Radio Society by Hilda and John Amer (G0ALQ) who lived in the Bury area, but who spent much of the summer months each year living in their caravan on a site close to Bolton-le-Sands.
John occasionally visited the club during this period and regularly spoke to local radio amateurs on the air. The MBARS Fox Hunt Competition has been run almost every year since. There was a break in 2001 due to “foot and mouth” disease in the area, and again in 2009 the event was not held. The competition is normally held each June and the winner(s) from one year become the “fox” for the following year; thus no-one can win the trophy two year’s running. The first year of the competition involved finding two hidden foxes, but every year since, a single fox has been used.
See below for the complete list of all of the competition winners. The original rules state that the event is open to all local radio amateurs, but that the trophy can only be won by current MBARS members.

1989: On September 26th the usual Tuesday evening society meeting was dedicated to the Inauguration of the new High Frequency (HF) Quad Band Antenna, which sits atop of our recently erected 120 foot telescopic antenna mast. The mast was generously donated to the Society by Hydrocarbons Great Britain PLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of British Gas PLC. The H.F. Antenna and Rotator were bought by the members, from Annual Subscriptions and other fund-raising activities. The mast foundations were financed partly from members Annual Subscriptions and substantially by a generous grant from the Trimpell Sports & Social Club, which is hereby gratefully acknowledged.

1991: Our first Construction Competition was held this year. John Burrow (G0NYD) was the winner and again two years later. The competition has been held most years since (see below). For each entry, the experience of the competitor is taken into account in the judging, so a beginner might well win ahead of a more experienced constructor.

2003: MBARS ran out winners of the “Inter-Regional Quiz”. This event was held at the HQ of Thornton & Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society (TCARS). A small cup was awarded to the society for the win.

2011: A new milestone in the club’s history was reached on Tuesday, 20th September 2011, as we celebrated 25 years of meeting at the Trimpell Sports and Social Club.

2013: A further two club milestones were achieved this year, when it was 60 years since the Society was first formed as the “Lancaster and District Amateur Radio Society “, and 30 years since it was restarted by Bill Delamere , (G3PER) as MBARS – see above for further details. These landmarks of 30 and 60 years for the club were celebrated on 24th September 2013 with a meal at the Grove Restaurant, in Morecambe. Members in attendance were Brian Morran G4FYW, Andrew Scarr G0LWU, Mike Sherriff G0CHV, Bob Wilkinson G3VVT, Stuart Mayor M6JOG, Tim Upstone G4DPT and their guests.

2017: At the 2017 MBARS AGM, a presentation of an etched piece of glassware, complete with RSGB logo was made to Bob, G3VVT, in recognition of his 50 years continuous membership of the Radio Society of Great Britain.